1976 – Born In Vitebsk, Belarus
1987-1993 studies at high school attached to I. Repin St.Petersburg State Academy Institute of Painting
1997-2002 studies at Tel Aviv University, stage design, MFA degree

Well, humans will reach the space – so what? Why would they need the space, if the eternity is unreachable?
(Salvador Dali)

Many of us experience this barely pierceived sense of being in prison, while on the outside they seem to be free. The everyday human consciousness is bound by the chain of common problems. But as a rule, humans do not realize this and are unable to detach themselves from their own perception and understand the fact: their individual perception forms the illusory panorama of the world that is taken for truth.

Painting as well as art in general is not a meaningless creation of pieces that float in the air, but a purposeful force capable of opening the dense doors of consciousness. Fine art is the language which, by means of its own unique forms reminds our souls of the daily bread, which in a sense can only be given to the soul by this and in no other way.

I am not sure that every artist understands this “function”… But if he or she realizes it, it affects his or her way of life and perception. In general, the better the artist understands it, the less he or she is risking to loose what is commonly called inspiration and the further he or she is from the framework of artificially narrowed “own style.” The style of work varies throughout life, and watching a “living” artist is much more interesting than the work of someone who ignores the nature of consciousness.

Different directions of painting show the spectrum of possibilities of being. When we look at the world through the eyes of the landscape painter Monet, we can see a tree through the prism of Monet – the swell of leaves shimmering in the sun, the depth of space between leaves and branches. We can see the pulsating vibration of space through the canvases of Van Gogh. Escher reminds us of the infinity, which makes us to experience eeriness once we compare ourselves with this vastness. Jacek Yerka demonstrates a variety of microcosms that exist in this infinity…
The artist provides the viewer with options for possible perception, expanding the boundaries of the everyday state of consciousness.


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