Theater design

 Nephesh Theater 2011

“The Man Who Loved Numbers”

written and directed by Esteban Gotfried

set design

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Vitebsk muncipal theater 2007

The Residents.

written and directed by F. Palachanin

sets and costumes

19-b 18-b 15-b

Tmuna, Theater 2006

Woyzeck, Georg Büchner

directed by Igor Berezin

set design

untitled-2 untitled-1wozek12 wozek11 wozek10 wozek9 wozek8

Vitebsk muncipal theater 2007

Saint Petersburg stories

on N. Gogol motives directed by F. Palachanin

set design

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White eyes

Almidan Theater, Haifa 2005

directed by Moneer Bakri

sets and costumes

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Glass Manegerie Tennessee Williams

directed by Moneer Bakri

Almidan Theater, Haifa 2004

sets and costumes

glassmanagery glassmanagery1 glassmanagery2

William Shaekpear, King Lear

k3 k k2

H. Levin, Salvation

geula1 geula